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The interior design of your nightclub is one of the most influential factors of its success; with an impressive nightclub interior design, you’re sure to attract much more custom than competitors that are lacking in flair, innovation and style. GMP design have worked on nightclub interior design for a variety of clubs throughout the world, and are experts at reaching out to the nightlife market – whether it’s university students, tourists, sophisticated clientele or those looking for a unique nightclub experience, we at GMP will cater to everyone.

We at GMP have a talented team of nightclub designers who specialise in the creation of bespoke design, working to briefs of all types and sizes to deliver excellent customer experiences that will no doubt increase the popularity of your venue. Our nightclub designers have worked all over the world, on both small and large projects that each have differing specifications to be met. We’re renowned for our ability to resolve obstacles in the design process, always thinking outside the box and delivering innovative design. Our nightclub designers would be happy to discuss your needs and answer any enquiries you may have.

Nightclub refurbishment is a great way to vastly improve business – not only will you impress your current clientele with a stunning new design, but you’ll also be able to perform a re-launch of your venue to showcase the nightclub refurbishment, attracting new customers and refreshing your reputation in the market. Nightclub refurbishment with GMP has many benefits; we’re highly experienced in the industry, having worked with well-known brands such as Ministry of Sound and Liquid, so you can guarantee that our design skills are first class. We’re also renowned for our ability to deliver innovative designs even in the most difficult of circumstances; no matter what the brief we can cater to your nightclub refurbishment needs.

Are you considering a nightclub refit? We at GMP can transform a run-down, neglected nightclub into a stunningly awe inspiring venue, impressing customer after customer and allowing you to be proud of the club you own. A nightclub refit could allow you to bring your dream venue to life; by discussing your needs and ideas, we can work together to create something spectacular. We also offer support after the completion of your nightclub refit, so the relationship doesn’t end there; we work with you throughout to ensure that you are more than happy with the finished results.

MP are leading suppliers of nightclub renovation throughout the world. Our past projects include large brands such as the Ministry of Sound, Aquum and Universities across the country. The nightclub business is incredibly competitive and so it’s important that you offer something different and unique – and this is our speciality. We’ll sit down with you and develop an innovative design to truly reflect your nightclub vision.

Transform your club with a nightclub design from GMP; renowned for producing ground breaking and innovative designs focused on improving your customers’ experience and the profitability of your business.

Is your restaurant struggling to attract customers or looking a little tired? A restaurant refurbishment can reinvent your business and can provide you with a fresh image to attract new customers. GMP are experts in providing restaurant refurbishments and our past projects range from high end elegance, to quirky boutique restaurants. Our service stretches right from the initial consultation until after completion when we ensure that your design has been implemented correctly. Our ‘free money’ scheme also helps our customers to find high profile sponsors to give your restaurant refurbishment the best start.

The design of your restaurant is an incredibly important tool to give you the image and restaurant vision you’re hoping to achieve. GMP Design have completed award winning restaurant design throughout the world, and have become experts in tailoring our designs to different cultures and trends. Our design team are incredibly creative and innovative and love the challenge of creating cutting edge designs and technologies, and this is exemplified by one of our most recent projects – a converted 747 jumbo jet.

Searching for a modern restaurant design? Here at GMP Design we specialise in creating unique and contemporary modern restaurant designs worldwide. We love the challenge of creating cutting edge, stunning designs which are tailored to your functionality requirements.

Here at GMP we have a team of expert restaurant designers who can develop a profit driven design for your business tailored to your customer base and requirements. Our restaurant designers work on both the renovation of an old sites or the creation of a new restaurant, and develop a design in relation to your budget requirements. From the initial consultation your restaurant designer will guide you through the design process, providing detailed designs and 3D models to help you to imagine your new restaurant. We’ll then support you until after implementation to ensure your restaurant meets your specifications.

Considering a restaurant refit? A restaurant refit can be a great opportunity to re-brand or refresh your restaurant design. GMP Design have completed restaurant refits throughout the world, providing modern designs and integrating technology to improve your restaurant functionality.  Our designers are experts at taking your budget and developing the most cost effective and impressive design possible. Our past clients are large and varied and range from elegant eateries to funky student union restaurants.

The interior of your restaurant can greatly affect how attractive you restaurant is to potential customers, and thus how much business you receive. By giving your restaurant a new look you can set yourself apart from competitors and deliver your customers a restaurant which they’ll keep returning to. Our restaurant renovations range from in the past incorporate bold designs and luxurious finishes, to give you show stopping restaurants.

Searching for stunning bar interior design? A new interior can completely rejuvenate your business, providing an attractive and exciting venue to attract customers. Here at GMP we’re experts at producing exceptional bar interior design, and work with you to produce a bar which performs on both functionality and design.

Here at GMP Design we’re experts in all aspects of bar design and our past bar design projects have taken us worldwide, to destinations such as Nigeria, Switzerland and Ibiza. Our team will tailor your bar design to your specifications, and provide you with detailed plans and 3D models so we can ensure that your bar perfectly reflects your vision. We understand that your bar is a profit driven business and so our designs will include exceptional functionality as well as design.

Searching for a cutting edge SU bar design? Here at GMP Design we’re experts at working with the University sector to produce social spaces which are specifically tailored to the needs and tastes of students. We’ve completed projects with many large universities including St Andrews and Cardiff University.

GMP are one of the most talented bar designers in the world. We have taken on projects big and small across the globe creating unique venues that truly stand out from the crowd. Our bar designers take a project from the initial conception right through to completion and no job is too big or small for us. Our bar designers have many years of experience and never turn a design job down. We have the imagination, creativity and skill to transform your bar,

When it comes to bar refurbishment you will not find a better team for the job. If you think your bar is looking tired and lacking that real “wow factor” then let us help you! Bar refurbishment is one of our specialities and we have completely transformed venues and turned their fortunes around at the same time. We know what makes a bar successful and refurbishment can make all the difference as has been proved many many times in the past.

If you a looking for a bar refit we can provide you with an incredible service. We relish the challenge of a complete bar refit and have an amazing track record in this field. We have completed projects in Nigeria, Ibiza, Switzerland and many more countries. We are an international company with exciting ideas and experienced, talented designers. GMP strive to complete your bar refit on time and on budget and we can even help you secure free money via branding and sponsorship deals.

Looking for bar renovation? GMP are experts in this field and can completely revolutionise your venue. We love coming up with unique, innovative designs that stand out from the competition. You can see from our past work the amazing work we have done and how we strive to make each project different. Our designers work very closely with the owners to make sure the bar renovation reflects you and we will guide you through every step of the process.

Here at GMP our skilled team of designers specialise in producing modern bar interior design. We’ve worked on projects throughout the world producing bespoke bar interior designs in from London to Ibiza to Nigeria. All of our modern bar interior designs are tailored to the needs of the client and customers, to provide practical, yet exciting interiors.

Our team are contemporary interior design artists. We have the skills and creativity to come up with stunning contemporary interior design ideas to totally revamp your bar, nightclub or restaurant. We also take on projects such as executive offices, student unions and various others. In fact, we have never turned a design project down and fully intend for this to continue. If you want contemporary interior design for your venue then GMP are the ideal choice.

Modern restaurant interiors are more popular than ever and GMP are industry leaders in providing bespoke design solutions for restaurants. A modern restaurant interior encompasses many design variations and we offer a huge range of options. Our team of experienced designers can take you through every step of the project from beginning to end and take on board all of your input. We listen and love a challenge and can create the best modern restaurant interiors.

A cool nightclub interior can make all the difference. We understand how fiercely competitive the nightclub business is with businesses constantly battling each other for patrons. However, all the special drinks promotions and entertainment in the world does not make up for drab, lifeless interiors which bring the entire atmosphere of a place down. People want to be in vibrant, exciting surroundings when they go out and our cool nightclub interiors attract people in droves.

If you feel your club interior design is not up to scratch GMP can help. We have taken on projects around the world and club interior design is one of our specialities and passions. Nightclubs we’ve refurbished have won national awards and attracted international acclaim. We have turned round the fortunes of venues with our club interior design projects and created some truly bespoke settings that our clients have fallen in love with.

The interior of a restaurant can make or break an establishment. If you need interior restaurant design then our highly skilled and creative design team can reinvigorate your business. We have years of experience and have worked around the world on various design projects. We have helped restaurants get back on track and get the very best out of their property. It is amazing what a well-planned refurbishment can bring out of a place and with the latest design technology you can preview exactly how your interior restaurant design will look.

If you are looking for bar design ideas get in contact with our team now! We love to work with our customers during the design stage so we can pool the bar design ideas together and come up with a fantastic plan to transform your venue. Our previous projects show the range of bar design ideas we have not only come up with but executed to perfection. We have worked across the globe on bars, restaurants and nightclubs and have many satisfied customers.

At GMP we consider ourselves to be bar interior design experts. We have worked on multi-billion pound projects and use the latest design technology so you can see exactly how we can transform your venue before work even begins. You can be involved with as much or as little of the design process as you like and we always value our clients input. Bar interior design has never been more important as the industry only continues to grow so this is a great time to invest.

We specialise in producing contemporary bar design which is profit driven. Your bar is very dependent on attracting new customers, and so we endeavour to make your bar design set you apart from your competitors.

We have transformed the fortunes of many establishments with our restaurant design ideas. Eating out is as popular as ever and beautiful, stylish surroundings are a must for success. Whatever look you want to achieve we can help. From bold grandiose designs to sleek, minimalist looks we have the knowledge and skills to bring your ideas to life. Your restaurant depends on attracting new customers and keeping regulars happy and by providing a fantastic setting you are halfway there.

If you feel your restaurant interior design work is not up to scratch then GMP can help. From sleek, contemporary styles to the traditional look our restaurant interior design work has been sought after across the world including Switzerland, Ibiza, Dubai and many more. No matter the budget or the scale our team of creative designers will transform your restaurant in the style of your choice and guide you through the entire design process.

GMP are experts when it comes to club refurbishment. We can help you completely transform your venue and blow away the competition. With experienced designers used to completing projects across the club you can be assured of quality. The list of satisfied clients we have helped with club refurbishment projects is almost endless and we never turn a design project down. We have the ability and ambition to take on any scale of job.

Let us help you transform you nightclub interiors! Bring your venue back to life with exciting new designs that people will fall in love with. At GMP, we take a huge amount of pride in the work we undertake and have taken on projects across the globe. We have transformed the fortunes of nightclubs with our sleek, affordable design work and can help you through every step of the design process from conception to the finished article.

Club renovation is an area that we excel at. If your club is in need of a makeover then we can help. We relish the challenge of a new design project no matter the scale or the budget you have in mind. We can help make your design dreams turn into a stunning reality and even help you secure sponsorship and branding money to help cover the costs of your project. GMP also use the latest 3D technology so you can preview exactly how your finished venue will look.

GMP can help you with every type of club refit possible. We have undertaken multi-billion pound projects in Dubai and tightly budgeted jobs in Leicester and delivered every single time. We offer an unrivalled level of expertise and use the latest 3D design technology allowing you to preview exactly how every inch of your club will look like once completed. We will deliver your project on time and on budget no matter the scale.



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