Monte Carlo Island, United Arab Emirates

“Our vision is to create an elegant European lifestyle experience where every detail is underscored by luxury and perfection and draws from the very best of European designs.” – Joseph Kleindienst, CEO, Kleindienst Group

Project highlights

Client: Kleindienst Group

Year: 2014

Budget: £3bn

Services Provided: Interior Design, Interior Lighting Design

Project overview

As part of a huge tourism project, GMP were asked to design the ultimate party project. Officially titled The Heart of Europe Project, a collection of islands were to be built on the coast of Dubai in an area of the Gulf known as ‘The World’. Resembling the world-famous Palm Island, this project would include several islands representing a different European country.

Perhaps the ultimate party project, this exclusive party venue incorporated a sky lounge restaurant, a night club with an adjustable roof and a beach club on a par with Nikki Beach or Ocean Ibiza.

Due to the sheer size of the project, we had to use a completely new kind of system to show our 3D visualisations to the client. Using video-gaming technology, our designs became virtual and viewers would be able to travel the project to explore it in more detail than just looking at an image.