Project 747 – 1st Class Restaurant & Bar Essex

“The hardest part of this project was finding a redundant 747 Jumbo Jet, splitting it into 12 parts and shipping it across the country. Reassembling and transforming it into a 350-capacity bar and restaurant is the easy part” Neil Morten

Award Winning Interior Design Plane Restaurant.

Project highlights

Year: 2014/15

Estimated Value: £2.2m

Services Provided: Interior Design, Interior Lighting Design, Logistics, Project Management

Project overview

Project 747 is a ground breaking new bar design idea of redeveloping used and recognisable spaces into luxury bars and restaurants around Britain. This bar refurbishment project is one of our most ambitious so far and, having reassembled the planes, these venues will be found in Essex, Manchester and on the London Thames within the next 2 years. The 747’s will be host to exclusive restaurants headed by the UK’s top chefs already expressing an interest. The luxurious white leather and chrome design planned will ensure the 747 is one of the hottest venues in town.