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GMP have been working within the Student sector since its formation 21 years ago. Neil Morten GMP founder has been working on Student Unions for the past 26 years. Now in his late 40’s Neil Morten feels that the age gap between 19 – 25 year olds and him is too great. The younger staff at GMP (ranging from current interns to recent graduates) lead the creative process for all projects in the student sector, creating the ‘University Projects Team.

The UPT carry out market research on site and via social media testing their ideas in line with lean start up principals. Our collaborative partners also provide the UPT with international data, from countries such as China, India, Thailand, Malaysia and the African Nations. We constantly innovate to keep our customers at the cutting edge of design and content making sure that UK and International Undergraduates become fully immersed in the social side of University Life. Our connections with local schools and sixth form colleges allow us unbelievable insight into what factors influence A-level students at the time of choosing a University.

The Undergraduates of today now pay significant fees and are far more sophisticated than ever before. They demand a higher level of service and have changed the student social experience; it is ” no longer just about drinking Beer and Vodka”. With a rise in fees and international students, there is now an increased expectancy amongst students for the latest technology and service; GMP’s stayed ahead of the game by designing sophisticated and easy-to-use spaces shared by the student population of a given University.

Recent years have seen a decrease in demand for late-night venues in Student Unions but an increase for sports, enterprise and student development centres, as well as non-alcoholic and multi-cultural areas. On this page you can see a collection of these Student Spaces and check out our current projects.

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