Our Process

There are 11 stages GMP implement on the road to a finished project, they are:

Feasibility and Instruction (Stage 1)

Members of GMP will meet clients and discuss ideas, themes, budgets, etc. Once we have all the information we need, an initial sketch layout/block model will be made and tweaked for the clients’ approval, upon which the concept design will begin.

Concept Design (Stage 2)

A mood board will be produced out of collated images, making sure our designs are heading towards the clients’ ideal look. A number of 3D visualisations are then produced in order to show the clients and designers what we are looking for in the finished product. Providing a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means that if the visualisations aren’t exactly what the client is looking for, they will be refreshed and for free. This stage also includes the design of a material sample boa this is a collection of samples of materials, paint colourings and interior finishes, which is then presented to the client to show in detail how their venue will look. Ending stage 2, the final designs will be discussed, amended and signed off by the client.

Planning Application Submission (Stage 3)

We will produce proposed front elevation drawings & signage drawings ready for a planning application, as well as liaising with the planning departments, answering queries and attending meetings as necessary.

Issue Licensed Drawings (Stage 4)

Dependent on the usage of the building a licensing drawing of the prosed layout may need to be submitted to the client’s solicitor for license approval.

Building Reg Submission (Stage 5)

From here we’ll prepare plans for an early submission, along with any details required in conjunction with the client’s Structural Engineer (i.e. staircases, balustrade, drainage etc.) We’ll also make a building regulations application to an approved inspector and liaise with the building control officer and EHO officers in relation to the application.

Detailed Drawings (Stage 6)

This includes:      -Floor Details          -Bar Details          -Electrical Layout Plans

-Ceiling Details          -Screen Details          -WC toilet package

-Kitchen Coordination package          -Ventilation coordination package

-Junctions & Small Details          -Fixed seating & Booth Details

-Display counter fascia and Top Details          -CCTV

-Fire Alarm Schematic          -Emergency Lighting

-CAT V – Epos integration Drawing          -Brica Brac and planting plans.

CDM Co-Ordinator (Stage 7)

It is the responsibility of the client to appoint a CDMC. We can pass on recommended CDMC organisations if this helps.

Tender/Contract Action (Stage 8)

In this stage we will analyse & advise based upon tender returns, prepared a JCT contract, administer the contract, issue instructions and finally issue the completion certificate.

Site Supervision (Stage 9)

We will regularly check the build phase of the project to make sure everything is going as well as possible. Along with the site managers and building engineers, we will meet the client at suitable intervals to deal with any problems or queries you may have on the progress of the build.

Post-Completion (Stage 10)

We work with the contractor to resolve any unforeseen planning and/or architectural flaws of the premises, as well as to complete any snagging issues the client may have found. All documentation and related planning approvals (certificates and licences) are completed and issued by the local council, fire officer and building control.